FMW Composite

The concept of FMW Rubber Products, Inc., began in September 1991 following discussions with Teledyne Vehicle Systems (TVS) of Muskegon, MI, regarding the manufacture of rubber fuel cells for military use. In 1993, an agreement was reached by the two companies wherein FMW would become the exclusive manufacturer of the "Flexcel". FMW began the manufacture of Flexcel in 1995 following a $2 million appropriation in 1994 by the US Army, for the purchase and testing of 546 Flexcel fuel bladders. FMW employs 15 full time employees in the manufacture of the Flexcel.

FMW Rubber Products, Inc. employs state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and is a leading provider of cutting edge technology in industrial Polymer Composite Design and Manufacturing. FMW's technical support and manufacturing services reside in the design, development, and manufacture of

  • Polymer Composites
  • First Article Test (FAT) and Small Quantity uniquely Designed Production
  • Prototype Development and Manufacturing
  • Production Manufacturing
  • Filament Winding
  • Design Engineering

Flexcel (a cylindrical bladder made of a reinforced rubber inner cell with a tough, protective helical wind intermediate liner and a neoprene exterior cover) 55 gallon, air drop, portable, M1A1 tank Transportable, fuel cell. Polymer composite motor mounts and shock absorbers Polymer pump re-lining and re-building.


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